Why us?  ? Just see what kind of people we are, what experience we have and what is important to us!

Our team is a group of good friends, who have huge trust in each other. It is not just a cliche, we literally care about each others’ lives! Read about our pasions and what we do after work.
How we work
In our work two parallel aspects are the most important: safety and effectiveness of the show. We know that amazing stunt effects consist of various elements. If you want to see how we work, have a look here.
We worked on over 300 TV productions and adverts such as: „Essence of killing”, „Ratownicy”, „Generał Nil” or „Krew z Krwi”. We also performed a few hundred different shows. See why we are worth cooperating.
We work on modern equipment: ropes, Ampsec Inc. company harnesses, air ramps, ratchets. We also have the equipment necessary to perform a car rollover. Still, we constantly follow technological news in the stunt world.