In our work two parallel aspects are the most important: safety and effectiveness of the show. We know that amazing stunt effects consist of various elements. If you want to see how we work, have a look here.

Before you decide to cooperate with us, you should know what governs us in our work and what values we adhere.

Our absolute priority is the safety of both us and the entire crew. Of course, thanks to some knowledge, experience and systematic training we can afford some flexibility in the performance of the evolutions, but even then safety is the most important aspect of our operations..

It is very important for us also to maintain a good relationship with the director and operator, so that together we can work out all the factors and settings that affect the final result of our work.

As perfectionists, we try to make our results 100% perfect, that is why before the shooting starts, we present a detailed action plan. It is an assembled material from our trials, which greatly facilitates the work on the plan. Besides we are always happy to help with the optimal camera settings and shooting action scenes, we willingly share our knowledge and experience. We provide the optimal number of trials so that the effects are spectacular and safe.

One of the most important issues for us is the trust of our customers. We are very pleased that, after the realization of one project with us, you always fancy the next.